ClubHouse: Here is what you need to know

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

By: Carla Rivera and Kyrsten Alvarez

If you have not heard about this app just yet, you must jump in headfirst.

Here is what you need to know:

Clubhouse is an audio-only platform, and there is no texting or messaging. Basically, you are like a fly on the wall listening to a 24/7 conference. You have rooms that have topics with knowledgeable experts and even celebrities. You can either join one, or host one yourself. Right now Clubhouse is only available on iOS. But they’ve announced that they’re currently planning to work on an Android version of the app.

Stats as of February 2021 (Source: Backlinko):

  • 2 million people use Clubhouse each week

  • Clubhouse is currently ranked #7 in the App Store under the “Social Networking” category.

Here are the benefits:

  • Networking, Networking, and did we say Networking?

  • By raising your hand to speak on a topic, you get exposure and create a following, the more you do this.

  • You get an opportunity to hear from high level leaders in your industry and even celebrities.

How to start:

As of the moment we typed this up, you need an invite to get in, or you can download the app to reserve your username while you wait for a member to let you in.

First thing is first—your bio. Your bio is extremely important here because that is how people get to know you. Link your other social media accounts ASAP. Clubhouse does not have a messaging or a chat tool inside, so if anyone wants to message you, they need access to your IG or Twitter account, so make it easy and watch these channels grow the more that you participate.

Jump in headfirst. It is simply the best way to learn. Join some rooms which are basically like topics and get a feel for it. Be sure to raise your hand when you have a chance to so that you can get pulled in as a speaker to ask your question or give advice on something you feel comfortable with.

Be Bold:

Go ahead and host a room, speak up, be authentic, and you will have tons of fun.

Things to note:

There are a few apps with the same name. Look for the black and white picture of a person playing a guitar.

Some rooms will automatically mute you and only allow you to raise only when they allow it. We recommend you raise your hand when possible and jump into the conversation!

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