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The Naturally Social Podcast is your ultimate guide to the ever-evolving world of social media, marketing, and digital trends. Delve deep into the fascinating realm of the latest trends, strategies, and insights that will empower you to navigate the dynamic landscape of social media with unwavering confidence.


Embark on a captivating journey with us as we explore the hottest platforms and unravel their unique features. Discover valuable tips, actionable advice, and engaging conversations that will empower you to master the secrets of the digital realm.


Whether you're a seasoned marketer or a curious individual looking to harness the power of social media, our podcast is your go-to resource for staying ahead of the curve. Join us as we empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in the fast-paced world of social media and digital marketing.


About Kyrsten

In a galaxy not so far away, you can catch me reading a book, playing a board game, or hanging out with my boys! I am a first-time Mama of a Little man and blessed to have my amazing husband always cheering me on.

With over 10 years of Marketing experience, my passions lie within branding and social media. As a Professor of Marketing and Branding, I'm constantly keeping up with the digital realm!


I like to consider myself a Digital Media Marketing Maniac who connects you to the thumb uppers, double clickers, and carrier pigeons who grow your brand.


P.S. I’m addicted to Carla’s coffee machine!


About Carla

Modern Marketer with a passion for personal branding and 12+ years of experience managing social media for brands.

When I am not meddling with the digital universe, I’m in my happy place, at home.  I am a mom of two handsome boys and I have the best husband ever, who supports my passion for my career and every crazy adventure I come up with.


P.S. I am addicted to strong coffee and hugs.

Our Mission
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