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10 Ways the Social Dilemma Film Got it Wrong

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

By: Carla Rivera and Kyrsten Alvarez

1. The data! Self-reported?

2. There are highly addicted people to lots of things, but you don't see chocolate being banned. Why blame addiction on social media?

3. Data helps get you relevant ads.

4. Scaring people out of social will not solve the problem. One solution was to wait and see what the government does. This should be something you work on at home, and not leave it to the government to regulate for all others.

5. During the pandemic, social media has actually served as a way to connect with each other.

6. Privacy is not always out of your control when using social media. Read your agreements, change your settings to fit your needs. (See below for instructions)

7. The individuals speaking out against these platforms are former employees -

8. Technology has always been a part of social/political life. It has impacted wars and other social events way before social media.

9. Endless scrolling and other sales tactics created by social media platforms made to seem demonic, but these types of strategies are used every day, such as the mellow grocery store music that is meant to keep you there longer, aromatherapy to get you to shop more, etc. It isn't new. It is called sensory marketing and sorry to break it to you, but the social media platforms didn't invent this, it is just done in a different way. But wait, there is more…

10. In the Social Dilemma they use the fact that because some of these creators do not allow their children to be on social media platforms, it is more concerning. The truth is it’s the same as celebrities/actors don’t let their children watch TV.

In conclusion, as entertaining as this film was (we cannot bring ourselves to call it a documentary), It was overly dramatized and seemed to promote fear more than value.

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